As a manager or supervisor it’s essential to provide feedback to your team. This can be a source of angst or tension for everyone involved, so it’s important to handle it in the right way. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re providing feedback. 


Feedback should be constructive. It’s important to remember to provide feedback that is both positive as well as negative so that individuals do not dread when you ask to ‘have a chat’. Keep the conversation concise rather than drawing it out.


Feedback must be accurate. Always check the facts fully and try to understand the situation as a whole. Remember that the accounts of others involved are purely from their perspective and you need to take a balanced view when addressing the issue.


Always be specific. Keep your feedback within the context of the situation and related to the particular behaviour or performance that requires addressing. If the feedback relates to the individual’s behaviour, help them identify a link between their actions and the consequential outcome. Keep the feedback relative to the situation and try not to make it personal.


Keep feedback timely. There is little point in addressing old issues that people have moved on from. Feedback is most effective and easiest to deliver when provided as close to when the issue occurred as possible, be it the submission of work or a particular event.

More tips for providing effective feedback:

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