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We’re here to promote connection between employees and support mentally healthy teams. Team-based assessments and Resilience Partnering workshops help managers and organisations to understand how workplace factors are impacting on employees and to respond to issues with preventive and proactive solutions. We work with teams to build strategies for enhancing performance and overcoming challenging situations and provide tools and support to empower managers to lead resilient teams.

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Critical Incident Response

Critical Incidents in the workplace take many forms. They may include a workplace accident, sudden death or injury, or unforeseen staff redundancies. In response, employees can suffer from stress, fatigue, withdrawal, absenteeism or job uncertainty. As recognised experts in Critical Incident Response, we provide total support by adopting group based and individual interventions such as psychological first aid, defusing, and debriefing.

Manager Support

It’s natural for managers to want to access advice and guidance on how to bring the best out in a team, or to workshop different response strategies to challenging situations. Our specialised clinicians are available to do just that, and can provide support and coaching just for managers, team leaders and supervisors. This includes everything from effective performance management, people management and team conflict through to difficult staff, organisational change and preventative strategies. Manager support can be used as a one-off session or with follow- up support.

Team building

When teams work collaboratively in a supportive, encouraging and open environment, anything is possible. Our clinicians assist with enhancing team motivation, improving team communication and strengthening team cohesion. We help identify and break down barriers so that truly effective working relationships can be cultivated.

Resilience Partnering

Team-based assessments and tailored workshops are designed to provide insight into employee experiences of psychosocial hazards in the workplace. Experienced clinicians work with teams to develop strategies for prevention and strengthening resilience and provide guidance to managers and organisations for addressing hazards and reducing the risk of mental injury.


If conflict goes unchecked it can damage morale, reduce productivity and may have long term legal ramifications. By providing employees with an official channel to unpack underlying issues that work to resolve conflict, our workplace mediation service encourages neutral, respectful dialogue and promotes connection. Our trained and accredited mediators adopt confidential and balanced processes to ensure the optimal setting for productive conversations.

Group Supervision

Group supervision is highly effective for growing and developing teams. We employ a broad range of clinical supervision techniques that provide the opportunity for groups to reflect as a team on their shared work and to enhance group consistency and quality. Group supervision is also a powerful tool for teams to explore different ways to approach situations and to learn from each other’s styles.

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