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Nervous about accessing your EAP?

Many employees are aware of the existence of an employee assistance program (EAP) at their work.  But knowing this doesn’t mean they’ll actively use the service.

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Spread the word about your EAP

Widespread promotion of your Employee Assistance Program will help employees get the right support when they need it.

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The Caraniche at Work App!

We are thrilled to offer all our customers and their staff free access to the App, available for Apple and Android devices.

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Understanding Anxiety

Although anxiety is different for everyone, there are common emotional, cognitive, behavioural and physiological features that characterise anxiety.

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Managing stress in the workplace

Stress is our body’s natural way of responding to the demands of life and is something we all experience.

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Mental health in the workplace – how can you help?

While it’s not your job to diagnose or be the therapist for your workmates or team members, there are important ways you can help if you think they might be struggling with their mental health. 

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Support on the highwire

John Orr, Finance and HR Manager at Victorian Opera, explains why Caraniche at Work was their first choice when it came time to look for an Employee Assistance Program.

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Introducing Caraniche at Work

We sat down with Jacinta Pollard – Managing Director; and Amanda Mechanic – Manager, to understand the new approach for Caraniche at Work and what it means for customers.

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Supporting someone at risk of suicide

Whether it’s a family member, friend or someone in the workplace, the best way you can help support someone who appears at risk of suicide is to have a conversation.

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Family violence - a workplace issue. Learn more

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Family violence - a workplace issue

Australian workplaces are waking up to the impact of family violence. Caraniche at Work has developed a free report for HR Managers who want to take the lead.

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