Making people the priority

Most companies are great at looking after their staff’s physical needs. A warm office. Ergonomic chairs. An endless supply of fruit and coffee to sustain hardworking bodies through the week.

But workers are more than bodies. They are people with passions, dreams and goals. But also with worries and concerns.

Supporting the mental health and professional development of your people isn’t always easy. Nor is guiding your managers to navigate the complexity and diversity of the modern workforce. But when an organisation’s employees and leaders are given the strategies and tools they need to flourish, a culture of workplace positivity and productivity follows.

Caraniche at Work has more than 20 years’ experience delivering health, wellness and capacity building services that give employees the power to help themselves. From general counselling and critical incident response through to training and professional development, we help businesses support their staff, personally and professionally.

We hire only the best clinicians, because your people deserve the best. We make decisions based on fact, not fads. We use meaningful technology to solve human problems. We invest in research to create new and innovative services that deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Our responsive, expert-led support programs have sustainable impact. Higher retention rates, reduced absenteeism and boosted staff morale are the small wins. The big reward? Together we reduce the stigma of seeking help by creating a resilient workplace culture that values speaking up, rather than shutting down.

Your staff has made your business their priority. We make your staff’s wellbeing ours.