Privacy and Confidentiality

For existing Caraniche at Work clients

We provide confidential counselling and related services to assist clients in resolving professional or personal issues. Read our confidentiality statement below, as well as our client privacy information , which outlines what information Caraniche at Work will collect from clients, how it will be used and stored and how it can be accessed by clients.

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General extent and limits of confidentiality

All EAP services provided are confidential unless otherwise discussed with you. Caraniche at Work will not disclose any identifying information about you to your workplace without your permission or prior disclosure.

Our limits to confidentiality are in line with our code of ethics and can be discussed with our intake team or one of our experienced clinicians. This means no one needs to know you have accessed EAP.

Client Privacy Information

Personal Information

Legislation within Victoria and Australia supports your right to have reasonable input into the access, use and disclosure of personal information you provide to Caraniche at Work.

Caraniche at Work only collects personal information that is applicable to treatment service delivery. This may include contact information, attendance dates and times, case notes, assessment notes, psychological tests and reports and certificates. This information is owned by Caraniche at Work within a secure server, rather than owned by your employer. When an organisation is responsible for the payment of your service, Caraniche at Work may be required to collect specific information for reporting purposes such as department or region in which you work.


Clients are entitled to request access to their own personal information held by Caraniche at Work. To get access to the personal information in your Caraniche at Work treatment file you can:

  1. Either request this directly from your treating clinician and have access to the file (or parts of the file) within a treatment session, or
  2. Request access to the information by writing to Caraniche Privacy Officer.

Contact the Caraniche Privacy Officer:

Level 1, 260 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford 3067

Phone: 03 8417 0500



Caraniche at Work takes reasonable steps to protect personal information we hold from misuse or loss from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Caraniche at Work in accordance with APS guidelines, destroys or permanently de-identifies personal information if it is no longer needed for the agreed purposes.

Evaluation & Research

Caraniche at Work may collect personal information and feedback to be used in research and evaluation. In these cases you would be invited to participate and would be required to sign a consent form agreeing to this.

Management, clinical auditing, and quality assurance

Caraniche at Work employ quality assurance processes across the organisation to ensure the professionalism of the service. These processes rely on information within our online data management system and information provided at the time of receiving new referrals.