Services for whole workplace health and wellness

Practical help at the individual level is most effective when delivered alongside strategies that engage teams and address wider organisational challenges.

That’s why our service model has been designed to support individuals, connect teams, and enhance organisations, and all within the shifting sands of society at large.

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Unlock human potential and align your organisation with supportive services to engage, enhance and empower employees.

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Connect your people with team-based resilience building workshops, as well as workplace assessments, tools, resources and training designed to positively impact team cohesion and collaboration, address organisational challenges, and support mentally healthy workplaces.

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Enhance your organisation with services designed to help achieve your objectives, today and tomorrow.

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Employees are happy, satisfied, motivated and productive when they have access to confidential services designed to assist them to work through both workplace and personal challenges, when team cohesion and connection is nurtured and when positive organisational culture and climate is promoted. Employees using our services report feeling lighter and more energised, feeling better able to handle life’s challenges, feeling able to concentrate and more equipped to problem solve and plan ahead. Other benefits include increased interest and commitment as well as enhanced relationship and interpersonal skills. With tools, resources and systems in place, employees can get on with their work, knowing they are valued and satisfied that they are being looked after.

Organisational benefits

Through the identification and resolution of issues that may adversely affect both individual and team performance, we help Australian organisations increase performance and productivity across the board. Assistance with managing complex situations, timely conflict resolution, boosted staff morale and an increase in workforce cooperation add to the unique benefits experienced by our partner organisations. Other benefits include reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, increased productivity, elevated performance, enhanced service quality and customer satisfaction, improved employee retention as well as a reduction in frequency of worker’s compensation.