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Training for clinical and support staff

We’ve recently released the latest Caraniche at Work training calendar for those working at the frontline in clinical and support roles, as well leadership staff.

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6 tips for providing feedback

As a manager or supervisor it’s essential to provide feedback to your team. This can be a source of angst or tension for everyone involved, so it’s important to handle it in the right way.

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Support on the highwire

John Orr, Finance and HR Manager at Victorian Opera, explains why Caraniche at Work was their first choice when it came time to look for an Employee Assistance Program.

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Introducing Caraniche at Work

We sat down with Jacinta Pollard – Managing Director; and Amanda Mechanic – Manager, to understand the new approach for Caraniche at Work and what it means for customers.

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7 free health and wellbeing apps we recommend

Today there are apps for everything: getting food delivered to your door, online shopping or helping you manage your finances.

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A quick guide to managing challenging behaviours

Occasionally you may encounter particularly challenging or aggressive behaviours – whether it be in the workplace or in a public space.

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What is Psychological First Aid?

Psychological First Aid is a method of meeting the psychological needs of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary events.

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