In 2020, self-care – the ways in which we intentionally look after our own physical, emotional and mental health – has become more important than ever. It helps refuel us when we’re feeling depleted, navigate our emotions, and cope when we’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Here are a few ideas to refresh your self-care plan:

  1. Create a playlist that makes you happy, and play it while you are making lunch or going for a walk.
  2. Practise “mindfulness in motion” by catching yourself on “autopilot” and re-directing your attention into the present moment. You might like to try mindful walking, mindful eating, or mindful driving.
  3. Have pictures in your home and workspace of things that make you smile.
  4. Reduce your choices through routine (as choice places cognitive effort on the brain).
  5. Plan enjoyable activities (this releases dopamine, which is a feel-good chemical).
  6. Seek out humour (making sure to use all types-not only dark humour).
  7. Journal, draw, dance, colour, knit, cook, paint – create something!
  8. Connect with others who bring you joy.

You might like to download our Grounding and Box Breathing cards below and display them somewhere in your home or workspace to remind yourself to take a few minutes each day for some mindful self-care.

Using your EAP to create or refresh a self-care plan

You can also work with an EAP counsellor to develop a self-care plan and explore strategies that will work for you.


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