Caraniche at Work is proud to support the learning and development of more than 2,000 employees across Australia each year with tailored training for clients and an annual calendar of workshops for individuals.

In 2020, we’re excited to offer new training programs and greater flexibility for people working across a range of different roles and industries – with programs designed to build confidence and develop new skills in the workplace.

This year, we’ve increased the number of half-day workshops to make training more accessible for people who are time-pressured at work. Our annual calendar will be released in early February, but until then, here’s a sneak peek of some of the new topics we’ve developed in collaboration with feedback from customers.

Thriving Through Change

If there’s one thing we hear repeatedly from our customers, it’s that change is a constant in today’s workplace. This half-day workshop is for those experiencing change and managers leading in an ever-changing environment. These strategies have been designed to help us to adapt to change – while maintaining focus, optimism and a sense of well being within.

Verbal Self-Defence

This half-day workshop is designed to help anyone working in people-facing roles where hostility or aggression might occur. With practical strategies and insight into the psychological drivers of aggressive behaviour and how we respond, you’ll come away better equipped to respond calmly, confidently and assertively in your workplace.

Time Management for Wellbeing

If you’re experiencing stress due to competing demands and an increasing workload, this half-day workshop is for you. Using a values-informed framework, this training offers practical tools and an approach designed to achieve positive ongoing results in reducing work-related stress.

Drug Harm Prevention at Work

This half-day workshop is for HR professionals, managers and team leaders compelled to learn more about the impact of substance misuse in the workplace – how best to support colleagues and employees who are struggling with substance use issues, in order to avoid the potential associated workplace health and safety risks.

Next steps

The annual training calendar will be available in early February, or visit our Eventbrite page.

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