Many managers and team leaders are considering how they support their team as they transition from working remotely to their workplace. Key considerations for many leaders include:

During remote working, teams created many creative ways of staying connected, and for some, the contact was more regular than when working in the office. So, when planning your team’s return to the workplace, think about how you can create opportunities for informal group dialogue and team catch ups such as group coffee breaks, short team catch ups, or doing a game or quiz together at the same time each day. It has likely been quite some time since teams have come together to debrief about the chaotic year that has passed. Team-building activities and informal breaks will boost staff morale and increase team connectedness.

Make mental health part of the everyday conversation by specifically making it a focus in daily check-in meetings. Ask team members how they are feeling on a scale of 1 (okay) to 5 (stressed).  This allows people to reach out to each other and helps you understand how your team are coping.

You may also like to schedule weekly or fortnightly check-ins with your team to specifically ask “How are we working together, and is there anything we could do differently to work better together?”

As a team leader or manager, it’s important to reflect on how you’re coping too. Schedule regular check-ins with yourself. Ask yourself: How am I coping? Could I do more to help stay mentally healthy?

You can find more practical tips for managers and team leaders guiding their teams in the transition to COVID-normal here.

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