Family Violence

A workplace issue

Australia is waking up to the impact of family violence. We know more about this issue than ever before. CEOs, politicians, advocates and athletes are taking up the charge – urging all of us to pay attention.

For many workplaces, talking about family violence is uncharted waters. Fortunately, more Australian organisations are learning how to support their employees, through formal leave and support services, specialist training and increasing awareness.

Given the impact this social issue can have on our workplaces, and the level of complexity involved in its navigation, Caraniche at Work has developed specialist services, training, resources and a dedicated Family Violence report to assist HR Managers address this issue.

A guide for HR Managers

What’s your organisation’s approach to addressing family violence? Caraniche at Work has developed a free report for HR Managers who want to:

• Recognise and respond to family violence
• Understand why family violence is a workplace issue
• Understand the impact it can have on employees and their work
• Raise or respond to family violence with increased confidence.
• Access a set of resources that provide practical strategies to start ad- dressing this issue

Download the report

Specialist training

Workplaces are increasingly seeking specialist training in family violence to increase employee and manager understanding of the complex issues, and equip them with the appropriate skills to respond.
Caraniche at Work runs a 1-day training on Family Violence and Mental Health in the Workplace developed specifically for HR Managers and HR Professionals.

More info on training

Services to help your organisations respond

Caraniche at Work provides a range of psychological support services that help organisations respond effectively to family violence.

These include confidential counselling and referral services, with access to specialist family violence clinicians; specialised support for managers to help them respond appropriately to family violence; and Peer Support Programs that recruit, train and support suitable employees to provide initial support to colleagues experiencing family violence.

More details on specialist Family Violence services